Data Scientist at Recast.AI

I was member of the Recast.AI Data Science and research team. My work consisted in improving the Natural Language Processing stack (NLP) using more and more efficient Machine Learning algorithms. My job also consisted in helping designing innovative AI approaches for a better chatbot experience, both on user and company side

Developed skills:
• Natural Language Processing
• Deep Learning
• Backend integration of ML algorithms

Recast.AI is a world leader in the chatbot industry, they provide one of the best technology in the world to develop nowadays chatbots (2018). Recast.AI has been bought by SAP in 01/2018 after 2 years of existence.

Examples of tasks I have performed at Recast.AI:

  • Sentence generator (ML part and full backend integration)
  • Recoding the Text Classificator (full ML, no off-the-shelf algorithms)
  • First improvements of the Text Classificator (full ML, no off-the-shelf algorithm)
  • First version of short text clusterization approach (to generate semi-automatically chatbot intents from unsorted text dialogues)
  • Etc



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