Keynote speech at the 2ND WORLD TEXTILE CONFERENCE

In October 2019, I have been invited by the World Textile Conference comitee to be a keynote speaker at the 2nd World Textile Conference, in Shaoxing China.

During the speech.

This conference gathered about 2000 attendees and speakers coming from all over China, Italia (Luxury Gernaments, …), France (Channel, …) and the USA (WeDesign, …).

What is Big Data.

I gave a talk about the importance of big data analytics in consumer behavior analytics, and how big data analytics can be used in the fashion industry to optimize the selling and the production of clothes.

Keynote speaker for the technological conference.

A special focus has been given about inventory predictive algorithms for the fast fashion industry (in order to reduce waste/reduce the negative impact on the environement of such industry).

You can download the presentation here.

It was a wonderful conference, I would like to thank again the organizers!

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