DataScience FrenchTech Shanghai Talk at Aden

 Hi all, 

The 8th of July 2021, I made a presentation for the DataScience FrenchTech Shanghai group at the ADEN Group Headquarter. 

 The subject of the presentation was “How Object Detection has been transformed by Deep Learning” . This presentation is an updated version of the presentation I already presented last year. I added two completely new parts (about the Yolo V4 of Alexey Bochkovskiy  and the recent work of Google about scaling efficiently the backbone of an Object Detector : EfficientNet).

I also detailed more four parts: AlexNet, the Region-based CNN object detector, Fast R-CNN and Faster R-CNN. 

I would like to thank Philippe Obry, the Chief Innovation Officer of the ADEN Group at Shanghai, who proposed to host this monthly event for the month of July of this year and, of course, the Data Science FrenchTech staff for having permitted me to make my presentation.. 

You can download the updated version of this presentation about object detection that I presented this day in Shanghai here

 See you!



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